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Author of the book: shawn c.Knight
Number of pages: 10

About the book: The best-known and most elaborate system of writing used by the pharaonic Egyptians is known as
hieroglyphic writing, or hieroglyphs. The word comes from the Greek ἱeroglufik`a gr´ammata, \sacred
writing", which from Classical times has been used to render the Egyptian phrase
mdw.w-nTr \god’s

Hieroglyphs are attested as early as c. 3000 BCE. About 1000 were used in the Old Kingdom.
This number diminishes to about 750 in the language of the Middle Kingdom, but was increased to
several thousand during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods.
Egyptian as written during the Middle Kingdom was used throughout the rest of the Pharaonic
period, even into the Greco-Roman periods, for many formal and religious documents, and is thus
referred to as
Classical Egyptian. We will primarily concern ourselves with this form of the language.

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