Pataikos, an Image of a Rejuvenation Divinity

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Pataikos is considered one of the Egyptian dwarf-like divinities. His figurines were used as amulets since at least the Late Period, but he was widely known particularly during the Graeco-Roman period. In addition, the different figurines of Pataikos always carry attributes of creation and regeneration deities like the scarab and the lotus flower of Re, the god of the sun and regeneration. The research aims to study the origins of this divinity, his figurines, representations, and attributes in order to clarify his nature and function not only as a protector god; like the other dwarf-like deities in ancient Egypt, or as a diminutive form of Ptah used in amulets, but as an image of a rejuvenation divinity that possesses all qualities and traits of such deities.

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