Principles of Archaeological Stratigraphy 2nd-edition

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About the book

Author name: Dr. Edward Harris
Number of pages for the book: 190 pages
About the contents of the book: This book is one of the very rare books. It was issued in many languages ​​and other foreign versions of the book we put in the English Language Section. The book deals with many ideas, we review some of them for you: -

  • The concept of "stratigraphy" in geology
  • The concept of "stratigraphy" in arachaeology
  • Archaeological excavation techniques
  • Job prospecting site
  • Early recording methods in excavations
  • The laws of hierarchy archaeological classes
  • Surfaces as units of stratification
  • Archaeological cross sections
  • Interdependence, intermittency, and stratigraphy sequences
  • Summary about stratigraphic registration during exploration
  • A glossary of terms used in the archeology

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